Food Variety and Rome at Night

I’ve finally finished all of my day trips from Rome, and just about all of the things I wanted to see in Rome, with the exception of attending a Papal Audience, which I will do in a couple days, and attending an opera, which I will fail to do, due to tickets being sold out far in advance, and I’ve not been in to advanced planning on this trip =).

I spend time catching up on my blog posts. I’m glad I’ve been doing this as I go along, as it really encourages me to think twice before taking a photo of every interesting thing, and I think my photo collection from my trip is better for it. I do, still, take a picture of almost every meal, though. On one outing for lunch, I decide I want something non-Italian, do a search for Indian, and a few restaurants in the area pop up. I go to the first one, only to be turned away because they don’t have room for one more person. As I leave the restaurant I find another group of Americans, also turned away, also getting tired of Italian, who had just come from the other direction and let me know that the Indian restaurant over there was full too. They decide to settle for “ravioli again”, but I set off towards the remaining two Indian restaurants on my map.

The first one of these is closed, and the final one… open! And practically empty. After I order they bring out something resembling naan, but it is very crispy, maybe lightly fried naan or something. Other than that, the meal is exactly as I would expect, the lamb kofta curry was fantastic, and a nice change from all of the pasta and cheese I’ve been having recently.

I have rarely been out and about after dark, due to being up early almost every day, and busy being a tourist most days. This means that usually I’ve been eating an early dinner in my room (some delicious sliced meats from the nearby stores, combined with bread, butter, cheese, lettuce and a side of fruit), which has been pretty tasty and frugal. However, this night I wait until the horribly late hour of 8 PM, when restaurants are open, and head over to the market and restaurant I’ve been passing almost every day, which has one my favorite restaurant names I’ve seen here, EATALY. They provide me with a tasty beef brisket sandwich and some mixed mixed vegetables, before I go for a bit of an evening stroll in Rome. I pass one nice fountain, with only a couple of people around it, and eventually make my way to the famous Trevi Fountain, which I’ve been told has a nice atmosphere at night. Apparently everyone else was told the same thing, and the place is packed!

The fountain is rather pretty though, and it’s amusing seeing all of the people.

For one of my last meals in Rome I realize I have not had any Fettuccine Alfredo, one of my favorite variations on “pasta and cheese”, so I stop somewhere random and order that, and also inquire about one of their side salads, which he says has some tasty things and also tuna, but I request they replace the tuna with something else. He returns with an enormous salad, full of tasty vegetables (really good corn) and a lot of chicken. By the time I finish this and my “main course” arrives, I’m full, so I get that boxed to go. Though my room has a fridge, the hotel does not have a microwave, so the next night I managed to reheat my leftovers by sealing them in a plastic bag and keeping them submerged under hot water in my sink for a while. Worked pretty good! Forgot to take a picture though =)

Tomorrow morning, attending a Papal Audience, touring the Castel San Angelo, and then soon I shall be leaving Rome to, uh, roam the Mediterranean coast of Italy, France, and Spain for a few days.


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