Ludum Dare in Geneva Day 2

Slept in quite late, I think I slept 10-11 hours, feeling a bit groggy, but probably over my jet-lag. Feeling a bit sad about time lost to sleeping that could have been working on my Ludum Dare submission (or touristing), but recovering from jet lag is important.

PIC_0036 Sun Lunch - Croque Madame pub food
Sunday lunch – Croque Madame. Delicious.

Spent the morning programming, and then went out to find some lunch. I sat down at an outside seat at a nice little pub, which was completely empty, that had reasonably priced sandwiches, placed my order, and then it started raining hard and gusting wind, so I moved inside, as did a bunch of other passerbys and in moments it was a pretty popular place.




PIC_0037 Why does the UN have a chair.jpg
No idea.

After an hour or two of programming in the pub, I decided to find a list of the most popular things to see in Geneva – first was the Cathedral San Pierre – check! – next was the Geneva Fountain, a giant fountain in the lake that can been seen from miles away, and can be seen from anywhere in the city. Or so they say. Apparently it wasn’t running this weekend. Next on the list was CERN, thought I didn’t think I’d be able to see particles collide, so I moved on to the final entry, the United Nations. I’ve heard of that, might as well check it out. Apparently they have a very large chair.


It was closed, but got some pictures out front.

PIC_0038 At the UN.jpg

I decided to walk around the UN. Literally, since I couldn’t walk around inside of it. Found a big, un-decorated, concrete, back entrance that I thought might make a better picture.

PIC_0041 At the UN.jpg
It didn’t.

Also, it was still raining, though lightly. On the other side of the UN is the Geneva Botanical Gardens, which I took a nice stroll through. Probably due to the rain, there was almost no one there, so it was very peaceful.

I returned to my room to hopefully finish up my Ludum Dare submission, though didn’t get quite done before heading out for a bit.

In the evening I went to the English mass at the Basilica Notre-Dame in Geneva. It was just a block from my hotel (Hotel Lido), between the hotel and the train station. It was a large church built of stone with vaulted ceilings. It probably holds the title of the most majestic church I’ve ever celebrated a mass in, however I suspect that is a title that will soon pass to others as I make my way through Italy.

Sadly next to the train station means lots of cables in the sky.

PIC_0053 Sunday Dinner - Quiche with bacon and onion.jpg
Sunday dinner – Quiche with bacon and onion, from a shop in the train station.




Took dinner back to my room and ate it as I finished my Ludum Dare entry, which is now playable at . It turned out pretty good, if simple, I think. Won’t win any awards, but people seem to enjoy playing it for a bit, which is the goal =).

After submitting that I did a bit of walking around Lake Geneva at night.

In the morning, I’m off to Zermatt! (Already there, actually, but my blog post is time traveling, so ignore that…)


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