To Europe! Greenlit!

PIC__001 Moving
Almost everything I own, in 50 boxes, in the corner of my previous apartment

After flying to Seattle and before flying to Geneva, I took a long flight to Frankfurt on Condor Airlines. I’ve never heard of them before, but they were like half the price of any other airline going to anywhere in Switzerland when I wanted to. I think this is the best flight I’ve been on so far! I paid a little extra for “premium economy” which gives a bit of extra leg room, which was nice.  The seat between myself and the elderly bicyclers next to me was empty, also nice. The flight safety movie was pretty great, it included a dog, an Elvis impersonator, a mime, and what appeared to be a NASA astronaut, sitting on a Condor flight, wearing a space suit, quoting Neil Armstrong… in German.

PIC_0000 Comfy Condor.jpg

On the flight I already learned an important lesson – “still water”.  The first time the cart came by, “water” got me carbonated water.  The second time “plain water” got me… carbonated water.  Then during the rest time, they gave us bottles of what I would call water, and the label gave me a clue – “still water”.  Yep, that worked the third time they gave out drinks.  Meals were pretty good, I just prefer my meals with… water.

Upon arriving in Frankfurt, the vending machines greeted me with a welcome sight, a nice cold bottle of Mtn Dew. This was almost as exciting as the other news in my inbox greeting me as I arrived – a nice note form Valve letting me know Splody has been Greenlit, and with many fewer votes than I thought I might need, so a pleasant surprise! I can now start integrating with Steam and work towards a release =). This will be nice motivation in the coming weeks, I suspect.

PIC_0001 Frankfurt Mtn Dew.jpg
Glorious Dew
PIC_0002 Frankfurt Airpot Recliners.jpg
Around my gate they had nice comfortable recliner-like seats with outlets in them, perfect place to kill a few hours on the laptop and recharge before flying to Geneva.


Though I brought 3 batteries along for my laptop, I didn’t even completely drain one of them on the flight. I guess I managed to sleep a few hours. I have since discovered that the two laptop batters work great as an ad-hoc laptop riser to prevent the laptop from overheating when sitting on something soft like my lap or a bed, though!

PIC_0006 Switzerland from the Air.jpg
Flying into Switzerland, civilization looks so different than in the US – so, so many little villages, so close to each other (by modern standards), compared to the Midwest where it’s often many, many miles from most farms to the nearest town.


PIC_0007 Lake Geneva.jpg
Got my first view of Lake Geneva from the air. Hey, it’s a lake, I like lakes.
PIC_0033 Swiss Cheese Keys.jpg
In Geneva, my hotel room key looked a bit like Swiss cheese
PIC_0008 Fri Dinner - Expensive Tortelini.jpg
Friday Dinner – Beef tortellini. Rather expensive, and rather plain, but something plain is good after 20 some hours of traveling.

Went to bed fairly early in Geneva-time due to jet lag, hope I don’t wake up too early…


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